Starting at $46.50 + tax per application, our 7-step program includes the following:
    1. Early Spring – Granular pre-emergent with fertilizer, heavy nitrogen feed with crabgrass preventer.
    2. Late Spring – Liquid application to further prevent crabgrass and foxtail, along with a broadleaf weed control spray.
    3. Early Summer – Granular fertilizer with weed control to help maintain a dark and rich lawn.
    4. Midsummer – Weed killer/nutgrass spray.
    5. Grub Control – A season long control to stop and prevent grub activity.
    6. Late Summer – Granular broadleaf weed control with spot spraying for any existing weeds.
    7. Late Fall – This is our winterizer application that contains a heavy granular feeding of fertilizer that helps to promote horizontal growth and early green up for the following spring.

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